Victor Lindelof – Scout Report

Victor Lindelof celebrating for Benfica.

Victor Lindelof – unless you’re an avid watcher of the Portuguese League, probably a name you’d never heard of until he was linked with Manchester United a few weeks back, yet the fees being quoted in any possible deal were north of the £25m mark. Since then Portuguese publication O Jogo has claimed that Barcelona have joined the race to sign him, recently watched him in action and were said to be very impressed. Since Lindelof is a rather unknown, we thought we’d do a little scout report on the big man so you can get to know him a bit better.

Victor Lindelof is a Swedish centre back current plying his trade in the Portuguese League for giants Benfica. He is a versatile defender and is also capable of making the switch to right back, perfect for any manager looking for squad depth. Despite only being the tender age of 22, Lindelof already has 11 caps and an international goal to his name for his native Sweden. The faith in his ability shown by the fact that he started all 3 group games for Sweden at Euro 2016.

Onto Lindelof’s qualities and style of play. The Swede is a strong defender and is very good in the air, more due to his physical qualities than his judgement, however the fact remains that he is a fierce contestant in the aerial duel. Lindelof is also a fan of bring the ball out from the back, although when I say this I’m not referring to him as a John Stones type player who loves being on the ball but instead Lindelof loves to take any yards given to him and burst forward into open space to start the attack as far forward as possible. Despite this being done at pace, he is capable of picking out a quality pass when doing so but his consistency in terms of this is something that could improve. Lindelof is a good last ditch defender and uses his long legs to good effect making some excellent sliding challenges.

If I had to liken Lindelof to a player – and United fans will like this – I would liken Lindelof to Nemanja Vidic. Obviously he is nowhere near Vidic’s level when he was at United yet but in terms of the way he defends in a no-nonsense physical style, he does remind me of Vidic. I would however say that Lindelof is blessed with slightly more agility and pace, not lots by any means but definitely slightly more than Vidic which seems to be in return for having slightly less power and aggression, although in terms of that Vidic is difficult to beat. Lindelof likes to get tight to players and although due to his physicality this is often a successful ploy, he does need to be very careful to not get caught out doing this, especially against a higher calibre of player.

Overall I would say Lindelof looks to be a decent talent, however right now he looks incredibly raw. Having said this, I think with some high quality coaching to develop his game,  I think Lindelof could be a good player, especially with his strength in the air. If a coach can instil some discipline into his game and help him read the game better then it would mean he wouldn’t have to rely on his natural attributes so much.

Would you like to see Victor Lindelof at United or Barca? Let us know in the comments below!

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