Harry Redknapp: Tottenham will win the league within 4 years

Former Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp claims that Spurs will win the Premier League within 4 years. The once England candidate was speaking on BBC Radio’s 5 live show Friday Football Social.

Redknapp says he is a big fan of the side these days: “I have absolutely loved the way they have played – their football, the pace of the full-backs.” – I have to say I agree with him here, Spurs in full flow are one of the most exciting teams in the league.

He cited the reason for their future success as the new stadium by saying: “They’ve not been up there with the big spenders. Now with the new stadium the crowds are going to nearly double.”

“The man who owns the club, Joe Lewis, is up there with the richest men in the world. So there’s certainly no shortage of money.”

Redknapp finished by paying his former club a huge compliment saying: “If you said to me ‘go and manage any team you want’, I would take Tottenham’s best XI.”

These quotes were taken from Harry Redknapp’s interview on BBC Radio 5 Live during their Friday Football Social show on 17th Feb. 2017.


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