Out With The Old And In With The New

It wouldn’t be right to say that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are getting to the later stages of their careers when we still see them scoring week in week out. However, at the respected ages of 30 and 31, both players will know they haven’t got long before the boots are hung up for good.

Many wonder who will take the limelight once these phenomenal players are gone. And it’s like some players have asked the same question. 2017 has seen the rise of so many young players all looking to announce themselves on the main stage, becoming the biggest talking point in world football. The fact that there is such a variety of nationalities regarding these players, makes it even more exciting for the future. World Cups, European competitions, and domestic leagues all enable young talents to prosper. So who should we all be looking out for?

Paulo Dybala

The Argentine forward has been electric so far this season. A fan favourite all over the world, Dybala has had many comparisons with the great Lionel Messi. Leading the scoring charts not just in the Calcio A, but top 5 European leagues, there’s no doubt he will go on to even bigger things. With the 2018 World Cup next year, Argentina will be looking to him, just as much as Messi, to take them all the way to the final.

Marco Asensio

2017 really has been Marco Asensio’s year. Breaking into the Real Madrid team, scoring winning goals, champions league goals and mesmerizing the world with his trickery. The young Spaniard is one of the biggest prospects in football, and Madrid look to have bought an absolute gem. Despite the fact, many teams will be willing to activate his release cause, there is no reason for Asensio to leave the biggest club in football and eventually take over from Cristiano Ronaldo as the main man.

Ousmane Dembele

Dembele’s big money move this summer has only added to the pressure that hangs over his head. Replacing Neymar is no easy task, but Dembele has already proved himself in the Bundesliga with incredible statistics for a 20-year-old. Playing with the likes of Messi, Suarez, and Iniesta, he should fit in just fine. As more people watch Barcelona than Borussia Dortmund, Dembele can really show the world what he’s made of. Later Champions League stages will allow him to showcase his potential against some of the best defenders in football.

Eden Hazard

Since joining the Premier League, Eden Hazard has been electric. Winning a number of awards including Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year and being involved with the Team of the Year, Hazard is simply world class. Many say that he can play at any team in the world, and despite still being young, he has bags of experience both domestically and in European competitions. With Real Madrid showing interest in the Belgian winger, is this the step he needs to become the best player in the world


Of course. How could we forget? Neymar is the biggest football player in the world right now. Earning the highest amount, scoring goals for fun and becoming a national icon, there’s only one way for Neymar, and that’s up. Costing $200 million shows just how much he’s worth to PSG. His age, skill, and talent all play a factor into why he’s the most expensive football player ever. But let’s not forget his talent. Neymar is an entertainer. We all look forward to watching him with the ball at his feet, and if he continues to contribute the number of goals he is this season, there is no doubt he’ll be deemed the best footballer in the world. 

I think it’s fair to say we’re all excited to know who’s going to step up when Ronaldo and Messi eventually go. Let us know who you think will take the lead role, and be crowned the best football player in the world! 

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