Dortmund’s Fountain of Youth

February 16, 2017 LatestFooty 0

A huge emphasis is placed on youth in modern day football as teams seek to latch onto the next big thing as early as possible to prevent their rivals from doing so. Many of the big clubs simply rifle through the academies and splash the cash on anyone with a […]

Destined For Future Success

February 14, 2017 LatestFooty 0

The German national team is no doubt one of the best in the world. Balance all over the pitch, with each player having a vast amount of experience, there are simply no faults. This can also be said for their future. Germany potentially has the best young talent out of […]

‘Loyal FC’

February 9, 2017 LatestFooty 0

It is a rarity to see a player stay at a club for their whole career in this day and age, but when they do they tend to boast incredible statistics and records if they have made it into the European elite and adapted their game throughout their careers. Here […]

The Kante Era

February 7, 2017 LatestFooty 0

The midfield enforcer was, until recently, the unsung hero of the team, however that trend seems to be changing. The enforcer is that player in the centre of midfield who is the heartbeat of the team. Not everything has to go through him but his role in the side is […]